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Interior Design With a Purpose

Meet Cherese Foster, an interior designer who creates and transforms residential properties for homeowners and renters with existing furnishings and new furnishings.

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Meet Cherese Foster,


Interior Re-designer/Designer

I am an interior re-designer /interior designer and the owner of Unique Interior Spaces LLC in Stockbridge, Georgia. I provide interior design management and consulting services in the Atlanta Metro area.

I have always had a passion for retail fashion and home Interior decorating. While living in the state of New Jersey and now living in Atlanta, Georgia, I have been exposed to many different design influences and have always been very creative.

I look to add a tasteful flavor and style of elegance into any room that gives the space a unique look. I also build my relationships with clients in understanding their style ideas, and I present my vision to meet their expectations and making it a reality.

It's a process of creating beautiful finishes. In the end, I want my clients to love and enjoy their living space!

What I Do

I redesign, restyle, design, and transform residential properties for homeowners and renters with existing furnishings and new furnishings. I make rooms more attractive, comfortable, and functional.

  • Assessing the clients’ needs and wants for their home
  • Assessing the space
  • Presenting recommendations and suggestions
  • Deciding on a theme or concept
  • Organizing and de-cluttering
  • Clearing the room
  • Arranging furniture
  • Adding accessories
  • Putting up artworks on walls
  • Applying window treatment - ready made
  • Shopping within a budget
  • Making color schemes
  • Home staging properties for sale
  • Space planning and layout
  • Shopping for placing orders for furnishings and other items
  • Installing lighting and plants
  • Coordinating deliveries
  • Ensuring the re-design plan is put into action and runs smoothly until completion